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Steel Enveloped Pontoon
  • Steel Enveloped Pontoon

    The usage of steel pontoons in the marine industry is well documented- Yet in shallow waters steel pontoons find few takers. The need of periodic dry docking and the battle against corrosion have further augmented the necessity of considering alternate options for steel pontoons. 

    To address the shortcoming of the steel pontoon - Silverbay developed the Steel Enveloped pontoon where-in the buoyancy is provided by the ‘HDPE’floats and the rigidity and impact strength is provided by steel. 

    With a ‘light weight’ draft of just 0.4m the ‘Silverbay’ Steel enveloped pontoons is the ideal solution in shallow waters. It also forms the ideal base for many other floating solutions – Floating walkways, floating gangways, floating cottages and the list is endless… 

    Corrosion Resistant, Easy to transport and assemble, durable are some of the other important features that define ‘Silverbay’ Steel Enveloped Pontoons. 

    For further details contact or call 8007088333.

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