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About Silverbay Marine


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Since 2007, Silverbay marine Gear Private limited has been delivering innovative floating solutions to address many a challenging requirement. It holds the unique distinction of being

  • The first company to indigenise manufacture of HDPE floating solutions

  • The first company to design, manufacture and commission the HDPE Low Draft Material Transporting Solution - the MTS -40 

  • The first company to design, manufacture and install an  HDPE Steel Enveloped Pontoon 

  • The first company to design, manufacture and install HDPE floating pump station. 

Known for its ethical business practises and unmatched product quality – Silverbay has been the first choice for turnkey floating solutions across the subcontinent-The Indian Army, The Indian Navy, Gangavarum Port and Sahara Aamby Valley, are some of the prestigious clientele - Silverbay marine gear private ltd has had the opportunity to serve.

10 year old installations speak volumes to the emphasis on quality Silverbay assigns to its products. On a dedicated mission to be an ‘all inclusive’ company for all floatation requirements by 2025 Silverbay envisions to be “ a Global leader of floating solutions delivering unrivalled products passionate about operational excellence and stakeholder success.

Silverbay’s core competency lies in HDPE floating solutions (formerly ‘ifloat’)

Manufactured from the finest Virgin HDPE granules through the blow moulding process, ‘the Silverbay cube’ is a universal walled float. As per requirement, Silverbay floats can be joined together to form the ideal Silverbay floating solution- Thus if it’s a simple walkway or an steel enveloped pontoon, a floating cottage or a floating bridge, a floating MTS or a floating pump station, aquaculture or a solar farm- “Silverbay” floats finds applicability in all. 

In addition to HDPE Floating Solutions - Silverbay Marine Gear Private limited also provides Steel Pontoons, aerators and floatation accessories. 

For Further Details – Contact :   8007088333  |  

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