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Solar Floating Farms
  • Solar Floating Farms

    The necessity of carbon footprint reduction and depleting fossil fuels has forced mankind to turn to renewable energy and solar power makes a very significant contribution to it. However, in spite of the abundance of the Sun’s power Solar farms have not grown as expected. 

    The first major hurdle a new solar farm encounters is acquisition of shadow free land. Displacing fauna, destroying flora, tenacious land owners and construction of concrete structures are some of the issues solar power plants have to put up with.


    ‘Silverbay floats used in floating solar plants just about eradicates the above issues and transforms all dams, reservoirs, canals, lakes and ponds into potential solar power plant sites. 


    In addition to power generation floating solar farms also address the major concern of “Evaporation”. Governments and related agencies around the world have taken notice of the wastage of water due to evaporation and are taking active steps to prevent reduce it thereby increasing the longevity of the usage. Further in reservoirs a considerable amount of power is utilised to lift water from natural sources and a considerable amount of it is lost due to evaporation. 


    Thus, Solar floating farms in addition to generating renewable power also serves the dual purpose of reducing water wastage due to evaporation without destroying the environment. 


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