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Floating pump Stations
  • Floating pump Stations

    Pump stations are normally constructed where there is adequate depth of water all the year round. Water Pumps are also located as close as possible to the water body, this for better efficiency and less effort required to achieved the desired lift. Many a times however even after careful selection of the ideal spot required to set up a pump station – in summer months dam intake wells have had to run dry.

     In floods it is the other way around- There have many instances where-in the water level has risen beyond the highest high flood line and have made the entire pump station redundant with dirt and grime settling on control panels and other electronic systems.


    Fixed pump station are thus at a disadvantage when there is a necessity to shift it to a location of adequate water or when it comes to protecting the pump station from flood water ingress.


    ‘Silverbay’ Floating Pump Stations addresses all the above drawbacks and is the best workmate for every submersible or surface pump.


    Its features include –

    Light in weight - 

    Corrosion resistant

    Less time required from design to installation.  



    Environment friendly –

    (Since no concrete structure is required – the department of environment may award faster clearance to the project - Please contact your local environment authority for further details).


    Thus, Now Engineers around the world are shifting to floating pump stations.  


    From the smallest to the largest pump, from agriculture pumps to pumps required in disaster management or for that matter pumps required for large scale irrigation projects - Silverbay a turnkey provider has a floating pump station for all.

    For more information contact  or contact  8007088333

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